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Just five and a half weeks after the first visit to Craigleith another trip was arranged to do some more work. The plan was to cut more Tree Mallow and so complete the two designated zones.
However after landing it was found that there had been a lot more growth than had been expected. Many stalks which had been cut several inches above ground level had sprouted new growth and many seedlings had shot up. Much of the day was spent working in both zones cutting down the regrowth.

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Day 3 - 14th October 2006

Day3 09:00 - leaving North Berwick

09:00 The first boatload of volunteers sets off for Craigleith while the others wait for the boat's return.
Day3 09:25 second boatload arrives

09:25 The first boatload of volunteers have landed and are getting started while the second boatload are arriving at the island.

Day3 09:37 First impressions

09:37 The first impression is that there has been a lot of growth - both of the Tree Mallow and of Chickweed.

Day3 09:38 zone 1 starting work Day3

These two photos, although not taken from the same spot, show roughly the same part of zone 1. The left-hand picture was taken on 7th September 2006 and shows that the area is largely clear of tree mallow. Now, five and a half weeks later, the right-hand photo shows that there has been a lot of regrowth from cut stems and vigourous growth of seedlings.


09:43 Many stems cut more than a couple of inches above soil level had sprouted and were showing healthy growth. This proves that cutting must be done just above the soil.
Note also that Chickweed is growing strongly too.

11:00 The volunteers continue working across zone 1.

12:25 After lunch the volunteers moved up to zone 2 and here the growth of young plants was even more vigourous. In this picture these plants have grown to nearly 18 inches since our last visit.

13:10 Another picture showing how vigourous and dense the new growth has been.

It is hoped that there will be winter frosts which will kill off any regrowth and so help us win the battle against the Tree Mallow.

The next planned visit to work on the Craigleith Tree Mallow will be in spring 2007.

Further pictures will be added after future visits to the island.

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