Tree Mallow

Craigleith Tree Mallow Project

The aim of this project is to clear the invasive Tree Mallow from large parts of the island of Craigleith so the the Puffin can regain access to those areas which have become completely overgrown by this plant.

The two cutting zones targeted for 2006
The above photo shows the two zones where work was carried out on 6th and 7th September 2006. Zone 1 is the gully which fills the middle of the southern side of Craigleith and is easily seen from North Berwick. Zone 2 runs northwards from the cairn on the highest part of the island above the high cliffs on its eastern side. This is hidden from the mainland.

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Craigleith 29 May 06

View of Craigleith, taken in May 2006, showing the extent of the Tree Mallow in zone 1.

Day 1 - 6th September 2006

Day1 09:25 waiting to go

The volunteers met up at 08:00 at North Berwick harbour for a briefing on the plans for the day. At 09:35 they were ready to go out to the island, just waiting for the boats.
Day1 10:16 arriving at Craigleith

By 10:16 the first boat was arriving at the island.
Day1 10:40 zone 1

10:40 and the volunteers are getting to their allotted zone.
Day1 10:56 zone 2

10:56 - the volunteers in zone 2 are making a start.
Day1 11:27 zone 2

11:27 - cutting the tree mallow continues in
zone 2
Day1 13:22 zone 1

13:22 and time for lunch. The volunteers in zone 1 have cleared a track up the middle of the gully and have started working outwards.
Day1 13:47 zone 2

13:47. Lunch is over and the film crew are hard at work.
Day1 13:49 zone 2

13:49 and the cameras have moved over to another group of volunteers.
Day1 15:54 zone 1

15:54 and the sea is getting choppy so work has stopped as the volunteers need to get off the island. The cleared area in zone 1 has increased.

Day 2 - 7th September 2006

Day2 10:07 zone 1

10:07 and the volunteers are joined by Bill Bailey, the front man for the TV programme.
Day2 10:32 zone 1

10:32 Morning coffee is almost over.
Day2 11:53 zone 2

11:53 Another interview scene is being filmed.
Day2 13:01 zone 1

13:01 and the cleared area in zone 1 has increased dramatically.
Day2 16:23 zone 2

16:23 End of day 2 and time to tidy up.
Day2 16:24 zone 2

16:24 Zone 2 was not fully cut, but it is time to leave the island before the forecast change in the weather arrives.
Day2 16:35 leaving Craigleith.jpg

16:35 Leaving the island for the last time.
Day2 18:00 zone 1

18:00 From North Berwick harbour the area of Tree Mallow cut in zone 1 is very obvious.

Click here to see photos from the next trip which was made on 14th October 2006

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